Back of the book questions Chapters 5-8 Questions 301-400
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301. Crane control cabinet doors shall either open at least 90 degrees or be ______ .
302. The device used to transfer energy between the output circuit and the object to be heated is ______ .
303. Supply equipment for electric vehicles shall be located at a minimum height of ______ inches.
304. Rooms containing ammonia refrigeration systems with adequate ventilation may be classified as ______ .
305. What type cable shall be permitted for Class 2 Division 1 locations? ______
306. Aircraft batteries ______ charged where installed in an aircraft located even partially inside a hangar.
307. Wiring methods for Class 3 division 1 locations shall permit threaded ______ metal conduit.
308. A maximum of ______ 15 or 20 amp circuits are allowed in a recreational vehicle with a 30 amp system.
309. What is the demand factor in % applied to 5 receptacles supplying shore power?
310. A class 1 division 2 location included flammable gases that are normally ______ in containers.
311. At an unattended self-service marine motor fuel dispensing facility the emergency control shall be ______.
312. ______ is a sufficient raceway for fixed wiring above Class 1 locations.
313. Motor fuel dispensing facilities are covered by article ______ .
314. The size of supply conductors for industrial machinery shall have an ampacity of ______ .
315. Shore power for boats shall be provided by single receptacles rated not less than ______ amps.
316. Grounding buses of branch circuit panel boards serving the same patient vicinity shall be bonded ______ .
317. In a pediatric location, receptacles located in rooms and playrooms shall be ______ .
318. T or F Parking garages used for parking or storage shall be permitted to be unclassified.
319. A manufactured wiring system is a system assembled by a manufacturer ______ inspected at the building.
320. In agricultural buildings a 125 volt 15 ampere receptacle located in a(n) _____ shall be GFCI protected.
321. Wiring systems for office furnishings shall be identified as suitable for providing ______ in partitions.
322. Some professional projectors that use carbon arc or xenon may develop ______ .
323. T or F Portable X-Ray equipment is the type installed in a vehicle.
324. Where flexible connections are necessary, _____ fittings for class 1 division 1 shall be permitted.
325. Receptacles in countertop areas shall not be installed in the ______ position.
326. A grounding electrode conductor is ______ for a manufactured building.
327. A 20 amp 125 volt receptacle located ______ from the inside wall of a pool shall be GFCI protected.
328. Class 3 Division 1 & 2 flexible cords shall be of a type listed for ______ .
329. Poultry and animal excrement may cause ______ .
330. A tank where electrochemical reactions are caused is a(n) ______ .
331. Sign or outline lighting system equipment shall be at least 14 feet above areas accessible to ______ .
332. Exposed optical fibers shall be supported by the ______ .
333. ______ conduit is permitted in Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations.
334. Overhead coaxial cable shall have vertical clearance above roofs of not less than ______ feet.
335. Type ______ cable shall be permitted in cable trays.
336. In a marina, overhead wiring shall be installed so as to avoid possible contact with boat _____ .
337. Requirements for wiring in a fish farm pond can be found in article ______ .
338. Mobil homes shall have a connection to a wiring system at ______ volts nominal.
339. A cord on office furnishings with ______ shall not exceed 9 feet.
340. T or F Golf carts are included in the requirements of the National Electrical Code.
341. A neutral of a feeder supplying solid state ______ dimmer systems shall be considered current carrying.
342. A resistance welder nameplate shall contain the following information ______ .
343. ______ raceways shall not be used for branch circuits that supply patient care areas.
344. Network powered broadband communication cable run above roofs shall have ______ of vertical clearance.
345. Equipment in Class 1, 2,l and 3 shall be threaded with a taper of ______ inch per foot.
346. Flameproof enclosures carry a designation of the letter ______ .
347. Flexible cords shall be permitted for use in Class 1 Division 1 and 2 ______ .
348. Simple apparatus in an intrinsically safe system ______ required to be listed for such use.
349. The maximum length of a cord on a ______ is 36 1/2 feet.
350. Burglar alarm wiring is covered in article ______ of the National Electrical Code.
351. The control panels for induction dielectric heating equipment shall be of the ______ construction.
352. Low voltage cables connected to oil-filled units that are not completely sealed shall have ______ insulation.
353. Temporary lighting can not be connected to ______ circuits.
354. Grounding conductor for an enclosure of a DC cell line power supply apparatus is minimum ______ . 
355. A stationary point of an irrigation machine shall be connected to a grounding electrode for ______ protection.
356. Audio system equipment supplied by branch circuit power shall not be placed ______ of a pool spa.
357. Equipment for use in electroplating processes ______ for such service.
358. Class 3 Division 1 & 2 receptacles and attachment plugs shall prevent the escape of ______ .
359. Equipment is hermetically sealed by ______ .
360. Class 2 Division 1 flexible connections shall have ______ flexible connectors.
361. A(n) ______ shall be provided to disconnect each resistance welder from the spray circuit.
362. ______ conditions must be met for an integrated electrical system.
363. Where flexibility is required on a floating building ______ conduit shall be permitted.
364. Each elevator shall have a single means for disconnecting ungrounded conductors ______ .
365. Classification is based on dangerous quantities of flammable vapors, residues, dust or ______ .
366. In a theater where dimmers are installed each dimmer shall have a rating of ______ of the dimmer rating.
367. A mating electric vehicle inlet and electric vehicle connector is an electric ______ .
368. Branches of patient care emergency system shall be connected to the alternate power supply in ______ .
369. An assembly is designed to have a capacity of ______ persons.
370. A park trailer is intended for ______ use.
371. Branch circuit conductors supplying 8 electroplating units shall have an ampacity of not less than ______ .
372. Electrical materials installed in or attached to a recreational vehicle shall be ______ .
373. Wired partition interconnections using flexible cord up to _____ feet are permitted.
374. According to article 700, all equipment shall be ______ for use on emergency systems.
375. Service equipment for a floating building shall be located ______  the floating building.
376. Circuit protection shall not be required for ______  that are totally within the cell line working zone.
377. In a recreational vehicle receptacles are required on walls ______ or longer.
378. The insulated conductors of type ITC cable shall be in sizes ______ .
379. A photovoltaic power source shall be permitted to be connected to the ______ of the service disconnect.
380. A single disconnecting means shall be permitted to be installed between a remote power source ______ .
381. For article 647 to apply, all junction box covers need to indicate the system voltage and ______ .
382. Data processing circuit ampacity shall be ______ % of the total connected load.
383. Class 1 Division 1 enclosed type motors automatically ______ when the gas supply fails.
384. A receptacle for an electrical vehicle shall be located not more than ______ above the parking surface.
385. Class 1 remote control signaling circuits shall not exceed ______ volts.
386. Where accessible to the public, flexible cords and cables laid on the ground shall be covered with ______ .
387. Ferrous metal faceplates shall not be less than ______ inches in thickness when used in a park trailer.
388. Underground wiring shall be permitted in rigid metal conduit ______ of cover at a bulk storage plant.
389. Conductors for circuits and equipment operating at less than 50 volts shall be ______ AWG copper.
390. The insulation of conductors used in the secondary circuit of electric welders shall be ______ .
391. In manufactured wiring systems all unused outlets shall be ______ .
392. Fittings and boxes shall be provided with ______ for connections to terminations and shall be dusttight.
393. Where shielded conductors or cables are used, shields shall be ______ .
394. All 15 amp and 20 amp receptacles used as a means of connecting sensitive electronic equipment ______ .
395. Type AC cable can be considered a ______ .
396. Documentation for a hazardous location shall be available to ______ who operates electrical equipment.
397. A wired office partition power supply cord shall not exceed ______ feet in length.
398. Mobile home service equipment shall be rated at not less than ______ amps.
399. The bonding conductor for a recreational vehicle shall be a minimum of # ______ copper.
400. Cable splices or terminations in power limited fire alarm systems shall be made in ______ .