Back of the book questions Chapters 5-8 Questions 201-300
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201. Mobil aircraft battery chargers must carry a sign to keep at least ______ feet away from aircraft engines.
202. Branch circuit conductors supplying a unit of data processing equipment shall have an ampacity of ______.
203. Manufactured wiring systems shall have a minimum conductor size of ______ AWG.
204. The handle of an electrostatic spray gun shall be electrically connected to ground by  ______ .
205. T or F A single occupancy floating building may have more than one service feeder.
206. Conductors for pipe organs shall have thermoplastic or thermosetting ______ .
207. Multiwire branch circuits for temporary wiring shall have the means to simultaneously disconnect ______ .
208. ______ on sensitive equipment systems shall not exceed 1.5% for branch circuits.
209. What information is required on the nameplate of industrial machinery? 
210. T or F Type NM cable is an acceptable wiring method in agricultural buildings.
211. Where a boat slip has receptacles of different voltages, the one with _______ is required to be calculated.
212. T or F Multi wire branch circuits are allowed in zone 20 and zone 21.
213. Shore power for boats shall be not less than ______ amps.
214. How many feet above the highest high tide is the electrical datum plane?
215. Ampacity of supply branch circuit conductors in NEC 660 shall be ______ of the long time rating.
216. Where unusual conditions exist in a specific occupancy, ______ shall judge application of specific rules.
217. When a fire pump motor is operating at 115% of its FLC, the supply voltage shall drop ______ %.
218. Temporary power is permitted for a period not to exceed ______ days.
219. Isolating switches for transformers may be installed in ______ enclosures.
220. Metal poles used to support signs can contain the sign ______ conductors.
221. Threaded entries into explosion proof equipment shall be made up with ______ fully engaged.
222. In a class 1 location, fixed lighting shall be ______ feet above the floor where vehicles are driven.
223. Control panels shall be of the ______ construction type.
224. Branch circuits that supply neon tubing installations shall not be rated in excess of ______ amps.
225. A hazardous location in which easily ignitible fibers are stored of handles is ______ .
226. The disconnecting means of a sign shall be ______ of the sign or able to be locked open.
227. Unidentified portable electric lamps ______ be used in a spray area during spray operations.
228. NPLFA cable where located within 7 feet of the floor shall be securely fastened at intervals ______ .
229. T or F Temporary 30 amp 120 volt receptacles not part of permanent wiring need not be GFCI protected.
230. Plenum optical fiber raceways shall be listed as having adequate fire-resistant and low ______ .
231. Sign or outline lighting system equipment shall be at least ______ above areas accessible to vehicles.
232. Portable lighting equipment shall be equipped with a(n) ______ .
233. A branch circuit that supplies a neon tube sign shall not exceed ______ amps.
234. A fixed lamp holder located above lanes where vehicles travel shall be ______ the floor level.
235. Receptacles ion construction sites shall not be installed on the same circuit that supplies ______ .
236. Electromagnetic valve supply conductors for a pipe organ shall not be less than # ______ AWG.
237. The maximum current of a photovoltaic source shall be all the parallel module currents times ______ %.
238. Electric motor driven fire pumps shall have a ______ source of power.
239. In an integrated electrical system a two-wire DC circuit shall be permitted to be ______ .
240. The electric vehicle coupler shall be provided with a positive means to prevent ______ .
241. For office furnishings, convenience receptacles are permitted in ______ accessories.
242. Where 3 elevators are on a single feeder, the demand factor is ______ .
243. The allowable ampacities of conductors for cranes and hoists are according to table ______ .
244. Where a crane is operated by more than one motor, a ______ conductor shall be permitted.
245. The control system of a dumbwaiter can aid in the ______ of the moving member.
246. In motion picture studios, live parts shall be encased to prevent ______ by persons and objects.
247. Individual partitions or groups of interconnected individual partitions shall not contain multiwire circuits.
248. In land areas not subject to ______, the electrical datum plane is 2 feet above the highest water level.
249. Luminaries exceeding ______ of the ignition temperature shall be of a type that has been tested.
250. Bends in type ITC cables shall be made so as to ______ .
251. An enclosure so constructed that dust will not enter is ______ .
252. Class 1 remote control and signaling circuits shall not exceed ______ .
253. Circuit and equipment operations at less than 50 volts shall comply with article ______ .
254. Conduit seals shall be installed within ______ inches from the enclosure.
255. In an agricultural building all cables shall be secured within ______ of each box or fitting.
256. The overall length of a power supply cord to a mobile home shall not be less than ______ .
257. Branch circuits that supply neon tubing shall not be in excess of ______ amps.
258. Color shall be permitted to be identified as ______ for boxes that contain only intrinsically safe wiring.
259. Bends made in ITC cable shall be so made as to ______ .
260. Pumps, bleeders, and withdrawal fittings indoors shall be ______ location.
261. Means shall be provided to disconnect ungrounded conductors of electric power production ______ .
262. The service equipment for a floating building shall be located ______ but not in or on the building.
263. Antenna conductors for transmitting stations attached to buildings shall be  _____ clear of surface.
264. In a manufactured building, cables shall be permitted to be secured where ______ are used.
265. Temporary electrical power shall be permitted for 90 days for ______ .
266. Conductors supplying outlets for arc and xenon movie projectors shall not be smaller than ______ .
267. Motors for marine hoists shall not be located below the ______ .
268. The feeder demand factor for stage set lighting @60,000 VA is ______ % from 50,001 to 100,000VA.
269. The service equipment for floating buildings shall be located ______ the building.
270. Sign lighting system equipment shall be at least 14' above areas ______ .
271. A separation of at least 6 feet shall be maintained between power and lightning conductors ______ .
272. Conductors in elevator shafts encased in a raceway shall have ______ insulation.
273. Where a portable optional standby source is used as a separately derived system it shall be ______ .
274. Overhead conductors outside of a tent at a carnival shall be 18 feet above any place that ______ .
275. T or F Electronic organs are not covered by the National Electrical Code.
276. The alternate source for legally required standby systems is not required to have ______ .
277. Each carnival ride shall be provided with a ______ within 6 feet of an operator.
278. All electrical equipment located within 5 feet of the inside of a pool shall be ______ .
279. A park trailer is intended as a ______ .
280. Taps to individual irrigation motors shall not be smaller than # ______ AWG.
281. T or F A floating structure may have an electrical service mounted within 5 feet of any side of the platform.
282. Every conductor that enters a type e equipment shall be terminated with a type ______ .
283. Cellulose nitrate film storage vaults are required to have a switch ______ to control lamps.
284. GFCI protection devices shall be located not less than ______ mm above the datum plane.
285. T or F Assembly occupancies are classified as being designed for 100 or more persons.
286. Class 1 pendant luminaries shall be suspended by and supplied through threaded ______ .
287. Reactor-type dimmers may be permitted to be connected to the grounded conductor ______ .
288. Solar photovoltaic systems provide _____ output for utilization.
289. A fuel cell is an electromechanical system that consumes ______ to produce electric current.
290, A limit switch shall be provided to prevent the load block from passing the _____ of hoisting mechanisms.
291. Conductors that supply one or more welders shall be protected by a(n) _______ set at not more than 200%.
292. Voltage drop at controller line terminals of a fire pump shall not exceed ______ % at starting conditions.
293. For sensitive electronic equipment the voltage drop on any _____ shall not exceed 1.5%.
294. In a fuel cell system to location of the manual fuel shut-off shall be marked at the ______ .
295. A zone 20 hazard is an area where ______ are present.
296. Fore alarms shall be identified at all terminal and ______ locations.
297. The demand factor for 3 cranes and 2 hoists on a common conductor system is ______ .
298. The 30 conductor limitation of 366.22 shall not apply to ______ .
299. For stand alone systems, grounding and bonding shall be in accordance with NEC article ______ .
300. Every professional type projector shall be located within a(n) ______ .