NEC Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 Question Bank

Here are student generated questions as derived from Chapters 5-8 of the 2005 NEC. 
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1. A fuel cell circuit current is derived from the fuel cell ______.
2. The overall length of a power supply cord for a mobile home shall not exceed ______ feet.
3. In circuits operating at less than 50 volts, a receptacle can not be rated at less than ______ amps.
4. All electrical connections shall be at least ______ inches above the dock of a floating pier.
5. Type ITC cable shall not be installed on circuits operating at more than _____ volts or 5 amps.
6. T or F Service equipment for a floating building can be located on a floating dock.
7. Where no other intrinsically safe conductors are colored ______, color coding shall be permitted.
8. Optical fiber cables can be grouped into how many types?
9. On park trailers, auto transformers shall ______ .
10. Fire alarm cable of type ______ is for use in space used for environmental air.
11. T or F A lighting fixture mounted over a bathtub in a motor home shall be GFCI protected.
12. Each unit of an information technology system shall be provided with a ______ .
13. In article 640 the terms equipment and audio equipment are assumed to be equivalent to ______.
14. A clear working space at least  ______ inches deep shall be provided in front of a mobile home panelboard.
15. A cable tray for welding cables shall provide support at not greater than ______ inch intervals.
16. A manufactured building is of the ______ construction type.
17. In zone 20 locations threaded ______ intermediate metal conduit shall be permitted.
18. Indoor antenna and lead in conductors for radio shall be separated by ______ inches from power circuits.
19. T or F Motion picture projection rooms shall be considered as hazardous locations.
20. All accessible portions of ______ communications cable shall be removed.
21. T or F Removable links or removable conductors shall be permitted to be used as the disconnecting means.
22. T or F Equipment for use in electroplating process need not be identified.
23. Each recreational vehicle containing a 120 volt electrical system shall contain a ______ amp circuit.
24. Any pit or depression below the level of the floor in a hangar shall be classified as ______ .
25. T or F A park trailer is intended for year-round use.
26. Network powered broadband communications cables shall have a vertical clearance of ______ from roofs.
27. Coaxial cable shall have a separation of at least ______ from electric light and power conductors.
28. A device that changes DC input into an AC output is called a(n) ______.
29. Where operational continuity of required, control circuits of ______ volts or less may be ungrounded.
30. T or F Outlets are permitted in cellulose nitrate film storage vaults for portable lamps only.
31. Where irrigation cable terminates, ______ shall be used at all points.
32. Electrical wiring below the surface of Class I Division 1 location shall be sealed ______ feet of emergence.
33. Flexible cords immersed in or exposed to fountain water shall be marked ______ .
34. Outlets that are unused in manufactured wiring systems shall be ______ . 
35. All electric pool water heaters shall the heating elements subdivided into not more than ______ amp loads.
36. Temporary electrical power and lighting shall be permitted for a period not to exceed ______ days.
37. T or F Lighting in a hoistway shall be connected to the load side of a GFCI protected device.
38. Cable trays for welding cables shall have a permanent sign at intervals not greater than ______ feet.
39. GFCI protection is not required for equipment at a circuit if the receptacle is of the ______ type.
40. A minimum of ______ inches shall be provided between neon tubing and any surface other than its support.
41. An electrically operated pipe organ keyboard shall have conductors with thermoplastic of ______ insulation.
42. To be considered an assembly occupancy there must be at least ______ persons.
43. In a hospital, a patient bed shall be supplied by at least ______ branch circuits.
44. T or F Medical X-Ray equipment is covered by article 660.
45. Meters in class 1 division 2 locations shall be permitted to be connected by ______.
46. Heating of a nominally insulating material due to its own dielectric losses is ______ heating.
47. Multiwire branch circuits ______ be permitted in class 1 division 1 locations.
48. For electrolytic cells, cell line conductors shall be joined by bolted, welded, clamped or ______ connectors.
49. The lock nut busing and double lock nut types of contacts shall ______ for bonding purposes.
50. An office desk with a prewired light can not have a cord longer than ______ feet.
51. Curtain machines shall be ______ .
52. Heating and air conditioning circuits on an elevator shall not exceed ______ volts.
53. In a crane, short lengths of conductors can remain ______ near resistors.
54. The percentage for feeder demand for 100.001 - 200,000VA of stage set lighting is ______ %.
55. T or F Type MC cable is allowed on a motion picture studio stage.
56. For a welder the next higher breaker is permitted if the calculated value does not match a standard size.
57. Carnival rides closer than ______ feet shall be bonded to the same grounding electrode system.
58. Dielectric heating control panels shall be of the ______ type.
59. The minimum width film used in a ______ projector is 35mm.
60. Panelboards for information technology equipment cannot have more than ______ overcurrent devices.
61. Pool heater branch circuit conductors shall not be less than 125% of the ______ rating.
62. The power supply cord for a mobile home shall be not less than ______ feet.
63. Irrigation cable shall be supported at intervals not exceeding ______ feet.
64. In a barn, poultry and animal excrement may cause ______ vapors.
65. Ampacities for busbars used in electroplating equipment shall be taken from table ______ .
66. T or F A manufactured home is considered to be a manufactured building.
67. The minimum wire size that can supply an outlet for and arc or a xenon projector is ______ AWG.
68. The electrical datum plane is 2 feet above the ______ tide.
69. T or F Closed construction is when a building is condemned and must be torn down.
70. Photovoltaic disconnecting means shall not be installed in a(n) ______ .
71. Equipotential planes shall be bonded to the electrical grounding system by a minimum  ______ .
72. ______ locations are covered under article 500 in the NEC.
73. All receptacles installed ion any temporary service shall be of the ______ type.
74. A tank storage installation below grade, inside a building, is classified as class 1 division ______ .
75. An enclosure or insert within a larger room used for spray/coating dipping is called a(n) ______ .
76. Pier distribution systems shall not exceed _____ volts phase to phase.
77. The maximum cross-sectional area of conductors permitted in a seal of RMC in class 1 division 2  is ______ .
78. T or F Service equipment on a floating building is allowed to be installed in or on the structure itself.
79. The emergency switch for an unattended gas pump must be a minimum of ______ feet from the pump.
80. Park trailer low voltage wires are required to be ______ .
81. The thickness of the sealing compound for class 1 division 2 fittings can be no less than ______ inches.
82. A recreational vehicle is required to have a receptacle on any wall space ______ feet or wider.
83. Aircraft batteries shall not be charged where installed in an aircraft located inside a ______ .
84. The length of a mobile home power cord shall not be less than ______ feet.
85. Conduit run from class 1 division 2 to unclassified may have the seal within ______ feet of the boundary.
86. T or F A fuse can be used for OCP of DC conductors supplying power to anodizing equipment.
87. Metal conduit that contains no unions, couplings boxes and ______ shall not require a conduit seal.
88.T or F A disconnecting means is required for industrial machinery.
89. Enclosures for fuses and switches shall be ______ in a class 2 division 1 location.
90. Electrically controlled irrigation machines shall have a main disconnect not more than 50 feet from ______ .
91. Legally required standby power will be available not ______ 60 seconds.
92. T or F A switch that is listed as being acceptable for use within 5 feet of a pool shall be permitted.
93. A sign shall be placed at service equipment that indicates type of power stand by source and its ______ .
94. A permanent plaque of all electrical power sources in each premises shall be placed at ______ location.
95. For electrical equipment adjacent to a lake, the smallest equipment grounding conductor is ______ AWG.
96. A sign shall be placed at the ______ indication the location of on site emergency power source.
97. Integrated systems covered by article 685 shall be permitted to have two wire DC circuits ______ .
98. A DC photovoltaic array on the roof of a dwelling must have DC ground fault protection to reduce ______ .
99. Portable ______ can be used in a spray area during spraying operations.
100. A nursing home is a building or part thereof housing more than ______ persons during a 24 hour period.