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NEC Calculations

Ampacity Correction

Temperature Correction

Continuous Load Correction

Conduit Fill Correction

Minimum Number of Circuits

Bus Bar Ampacity

Conductor Resistance

Resistance Change

Motor Disconnect Sizing

Full Load Current Interpolation

Motor Conductor Sizing

Motor Overcurrent Protection

Motor Overload Sizing

Lighting Loads

Fixed Appliance Loads

Range Loads

Range Loads Note 1

Range Loads Note 2

Dryer Water Heater Loads

Heat AC

Standard Residential Service

Optional Residential Service

Standard Multi Family Service

Optional Multi Family Service

Commercial Services

Optional School Services

AIC Calculation


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The variety of National Electrical Code calculations, as you can tell from the link rack for this portion of the web, are huge. The best approach is to go through them one after another. When you are sure you understand that calculation type, move on to the next. Be sure to read the NEC section where the calculation is required and explained before you start hitting calculator keys.

Also lay out your problem in an organized fashion to keep the details accurate. Remember the saying, garbage in garbage out. Or, accurate data in accurate data out.

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