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This 144 page workbook provides a comprehensive look at calculations for electricians. There are over 5000 different questions and answers included. Audio support is provided for each calculations type. Click HERE to hear a sample of an audio file.

This workbook is printed on both sides of 8 1/2 x 11 inch three hole punched paper suitable for a three ring binder which is not provided. The workbook is also available 3 hole punched with a plastic spiral binding for an additional $5.

The workbook is published by which is a companion website to The author is David Ullian Larson.

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Let's see if this workbook is for you. Here's a ten question quiz. Get out your code book and calculator for these.

1.  What is the expected current draw for a 4500 watt 240 volt water heater?

2.  What is the total resistance for 6 resistive loads that are 30 ohms each if connected in parallel to the source?

3.  What size rigid PVC raceway Schedule 80 is needed if it contains 2 #4/0 THW, 1 #1/0 THW and 1 #3 THW copper conductors?

4.  What is the minimum even numbered square dimension for a pull box which contains a total of 20 #12's, 20 #10's, and 20 #8's. All terminate in splices in the box. The box is 4 inches deep.

5.  What is the initial standard maximum overcurrent protective device permitted for a 5HP 240 volt single phase motor if a non renewable fuse is planned for the installation?

6.  What is the minimum square dimension for a pull box where 6 #1 THW conductors are U pulled through a box. Note that the conductors enter and leave the box in 3" PVC Schedule 80 raceways. The raceways are each 3" from the corner of the box. Both raceways are on the same wall of the box, hence it is called a U pull. The box is 6" deep.

7.  What is the service feeder demand for 26  14kW single phase household ranges in a multi family dwelling if powered by a three phase service feeder?

8.  What is the net lighting and appliance feeder demand for a 3600 square foot residential dwelling which has four small appliance branch circuits and one laundry circuit if the standard service calculation method is used?

9.  What is the expected output voltage of a single phase transformer that has an input voltage of 240 volts, an input current of 8 amps and an output current of 72 amps when it is 90% efficient?

10.  What is the expected run voltage at load for a 32 amp resistance heater load which is located 320 feet from the 120 volt source if #3 THW copper was used for the circuit?

If you miss the correct answer on even one of these questions, then the Electrician Calculations Workbook would be a useful tool to add to your study library. Why not Invest In Yourself? Brain tools pay big dividends. See the bottom of this page for a link to the answers.

Here is the table of contents from this workbook:

Table Of Contents

Front Cover  1
Dedication Copyright  2
Introduction  3
Table of Contents  4-5
How to use this workbook - Calculator Use  6-7
Problem Types  8-9
Online Support  -  Problem Grid  10-11
Calculator Practice 12-19
Ohms Watts Law  20-23
Series Circuits  24-25
Parallel Circuits  26-29
Combination Circuits  30-31
Box Fill  32-37
Conduit Fill  38-44
Gutter Fill  45
Ampacity  46-53
Voltage Drop  54-57
Transformers  58-63
Motors  64-73
Service Aspects  74-91
Trigonometry  92-93
AC Ohms Watts  94-99
Inductance Capacitance  100-101
Voltage Drop Percent  102
General Lighting Load  103
Residential Appliances  104-105
Paralleled Conductors  106
Equipment Grounding Conductors  107
Conductors in Free Air  108
Voltage Drop Multiple Legs  109
Wire ways  110
AC Equipment  111
Transformer Aspects  Capacitors  112-113
Cranes Welders  114-116
AC Circuits Three Phase Motors  117-123
Voltage Drop Three Phase  124-125
Services  126-133
RV Park Service  134-135
Commercial Services  136-139
Motor Control  140-141
Index 142


See anything on this list you would like to know more about?

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As a bonus, you will also receive a copy of Reference Formulas Appendix. This useful tool can be added to any looseleaf edition of the NEC. It provides formulas, tables, and references useful to anyone working to answer electrical questions. It is an excellent study tool for anyone preparing for an electrical exam at the Journeyman, Master or Inspector level. Click HERE to read more about this fantastic reference tool. It is sold separately for $14 postpaid. But it is an added bonus when you buy the Electric Motors Calculations Workbook at no additional charge.


Electrician Calculations Workbook $29.60 Postpaid USPS Priority Mail


Electrician Calculations Workbook Spiral Bound $34.60 Postpaid USPS Priority Mail
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