Check Values

Check Values

Formulas for calculations can be difficult to use at times. The check values presented here for various types of electrical calculations can provide a way to verify that the formulas are being used correctly. Here's how they can work for you:

Select a calculations type that you want to master.

See the set of check values on this website. Click the link on this page below to go to the formulas you need to master.

Use the formulas for these values to verify that you are entering the values correctly to arrive at the check value given.

So if you are checking the formula for Ohms Watts to find E when you know I and R, enter I then times then enter R.
Now press the equals button just as the formula states. You should get the same answer as in the check values. If you do, then you have entered the values correctly and can have confidence that any problem can correctly be solved when using that specific formula. 

Then go on to do the same for every formula on the list of formulas. In that way, if you are entering anything incorrectly, your answer will not match the check value. Then you can determine where you went wrong, never to make that same mistake again. Hopefully.

You can return from time to time to verify that you still have the touch.

Here is a link rack which you can follow to access check values for various types of problems.

Conversion Factors

Ohms Watts DC & AC Resistive Circuits

AC Formulas with pf 
Single Phase

AC Formulas with pf
Three Phase

Single Phase Transformers

Three Phase Transformers

Resistance Change with temperature

Area & Volume

Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits

Optional School Calculation

Raceway Fill Percentages

Voltage Drop Percentages

1 Phase Voltage Drop

3 Phase Voltage Drop

Temperature Conversion

more to come








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