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Electrical Calculations For Electricians
Practice Worksheets

ElectricianEducation.com presents these electrical calculations for electricians practice worksheets with audio support online. There are over 10,000 practice problems for Journeyman Electrician, over 10,000 different calculations for Master Electricians, and 10,000 different calculations for Electrical Inspector included in this educational activity.

Click the topic you need to work on. That page will show on your computer screen. You may print any page or work the problems from your computer screen.

Audio support is provided for all problem types. As you work through this material, consider clicking on sponsor ads which may be of interest to you to support this offering

There is no charge for this educational activity.

Now go on to either the Journeyman, Master, or Inspector Information page depending on your needs.

Journeyman Calculations

Master Calculations

Inspector Calculations


Journeyman Worksheets

Master Worksheets

Inspector Worksheets


Journeyman Audio Support

Master Audio Support

Inspector Audio Support

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