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HEV Cost Calculator Tool

Photo collage of 3 hybrid electric vehicles, the earth, and a calculator. Clean Cities' HEV Cost Calculator allows fleets to compare the costs, benefits, and emissions of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) with those of conventional vehicles. It has two parts:



  • Single Vehicle Tool: Users can select one HEV and one conventional vehicle for comparison. Factoring in purchase price, fuel costs, repair and maintenance costs, resale value, and applicable tax incentives, the tool calculates expected lifetime costs for both vehicles, as well as cost and emissions savings associated with purchasing the HEV.

  • Fleet Tool: Users can compare two fleets of up to five vehicles-one composed of HEVs and the other made up of conventional vehicles. The tool calculates lifetime costs and emissions for each vehicle fleet.

Outputs are provided per vehicle, per year, and per mile.

For more information about the tool, see the Rationale and Methodology statement. You can also download the HEV Cost Calculator Flyer (PDF 218 KB) for general information and to inform others about the tool.

Individual consumers interested in a Gas Mileage Impact Calculator can go to the hybridcars.com Web site.

Note: This tool was developed for fleets, but can also be used by the general public for individual estimates. If you are not a fleet user, please understand that the purchase costs, resale values, maintenance costs, and discounting factors may not be transferable to individual purchasing experiences. Fleets tend to receive special fleet pricing and may have lower maintenance costs than privately owned vehicles. The default values provided in the tool are estimates and can be overridden by the user.

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