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ElectricianMath.com Electrician Math is a website which presents all electrical calculations likely to be encountered by an electrician in classes, on the job, and on electrician examinations. From calculator practice to commercial service calculations, every electrician can benefit from the content of this electrical math website by David Ullian Larson. 

An electrical apprentice, journeyman electrician, master electrician, and electrical inspector will find help here to improve calculations technique. Formulas are explained. Algebra is included. Conversion and derivation of formulas is a large part of this presentation. Story problems and grid worksheets are backed up with audio support. Mathematics is used by electricians every day. This website established a comprehensive coverage of each topic. Several thousand practice calculations are provided. 

The material presented here online is free for all to use. If you need more support material, digital download workbooks are also available.

So where do you begin. You may want to go through a checklist of calculation types to be sure you understand each type.
Find a Journeyman Electrician Checklist HERE.
Find a Master Electrician checklist HERE. 

Or you may want to start by selecting a calculation type in the navigation links above that you are not sure about. Read the details about that calculation type. Get your calculator and code book ready. Do a few of the practice problems. If you do not understand the technique, do more until you do understand. There is no time limit to this activity. You may spend years to perfect all calculation types.  If you do understand the problem type, then move on to the next calculation you want to investigate.

Along the way you may need to listen to the audio lecture about that topic. Turn up the volume on your computer and go for it. All this is free for your use. You can you can also buy a digital download for all of these workbooks and put the workbooks on your computer hard drive to use even if you are not online. Or print them with your computer. But you do not have to do that. You can just keep coming back to this page until you understand all the calculation techniques. Compliments of ElectricianMath.com and ElectricianEducation.com and the author, David U. Larson.

So click on. Have fun. Improve your electrical knowledge. All you need to spend is the electricity to power your computer and the internet monthly fee. Set aside the time to improve your electrical knowledge. Place your self on a chair in front of a computer. Then focus. And have at it. As I often say, Invest In Yourself.

What's New:

Now the answers to all practice problems have been added to the website as a free download. Getting all the files formatted and loaded took me a while. But they are now available online, and all for free . There are buy now buttons to order with any debit or credit card. But all worksheets and all answer pages to all 10,000 Journeyman and 10,000 Master Electrician practice problems are available online to be printed at no charge.

You will need a calculator for many of these calculations.

A Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator for about $12 is the correct calculator for all calculations on these web pages. No fancy calculator is needed. The TI-30Xa is perfect for every electrical calculation an electrician needs to make. Don't get any other version, though. The TI-30Xa has all the necessary keys for functions which are needed by electricians. If you have some other calculator, save it for your income taxes. Pry open your wallet, take out twelve bucks, and buy a TI-30Xa. Instructions are provided based on the TI-30Xa. No, I do not own stock in the Texas Instruments Corporation. And I have received no compensation for this promotion. It just happens to be the best calculator for what an electrician needs a calculator to do.


An excellent glossary for electricians is included HERE.

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